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Drone Aerial Photography Prices

Our drone aerial photography prices vary according to the different factors that affect each task. These will include complexity, location, duration, editing (if any), and possibly several others specific to the job.


  • Duration: Hourly increments, half day, or full day
  • Editing: A fully edited film, edited in parts, or raw footage


If you search online for drone aerial photography prices you will find some individuals and companies whose rates are greater than our own due to the fact that they use more complex multirotor drones carrying heavier payloads such as cameras capable of capturing film and TV broadcast quality footage. We believe that both those prices and our own are commensurate with the industry standards taking into account the equipment used, specialist knowledge & training, and business costs. The examples below illustrate final fee calculations.


Aerial Filming Prices – example:

  • Aerial Filming (half day) – $650
  • Processing and editing of video – $225
  • Total: $875


Aerial Photography Prices – example:

  • Aerial Photography (2-3 hours) – $375
  • Processing of still images – $75
  • Total: $450


Qualifications and Insurance

  • Pilot trained by one of the leading UAV training organizations
  • Pilot with RPQ-s qualification and CAA approval for aerial work
  • Quadcopter equipped with 4K HD camera mounted on three axis gimbal
  • Films and stills supplied on disk and available for download
  • $5,000,000 Public liability insurance



Assignments begin with a pre deployment survey. We will conduct research to confirm that we can meet the client’s requirements while filming both legally and safely.


Payment terms will be explained and agreed upon by both parties before commencement of the project.


Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed a Statement of Work we will provide you with a copy of the agreement and our Terms and Conditions. Contact us now to begin this process.